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I pick his wallet and keys up off the counter and put them in the cabinet directly above the counter where he left them. My husband LOVES it when I *innocently* question him. I LOVE to give him a play by play of who all the cast members of my Real Housewives shows are! When he farts, smack him and tell him how despicable he is. Pretend to get the big o, then immediately fall asleep before he’s “done.” 35.

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Then I pretend I am sleeping when he gets ready for work in the morning and runs around crazy trying to find them. My favorite thing to do to annoy my husband is to giggle out loud at the book/blog/article that I am reading and try to read it to him. Such as: “Why are you putting the bowls on the top rack of the dishwasher? When he’s watching TV get the kids and dog’s wound up and running through the house 100 miles an hour screaming at the top of their lungs. While hubby is talking about boring stuff like computers… Mostly he’s not sure, so he goes back – 99% of the time I drink Coca Cola therefore, that’s what he brings back ……. I’ve avoided emptying out that thing for years using this method! I give my husband wet willy’s when he is trying to fall asleep…or stick my finger up his nose. When he leaves the room to fetch a drink from the kitchen, I wait until he gets back, sits down, and then ask him where’s the drink I asked for? It sounds unlikely, but the anecdotal evidence is quite compelling.BBC Technology Report Zoe Kleinman reports an occasion when she learned of a friend’s death in tragic circumstances, only to find that her friend’s name, the accident, location and year were in the Google search box on her phone. He likes to help with the grocery shopping, the laundry, the cleaning – and on the weekends he likes to do family things like take all the kids to the zoo.


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