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I like going to the beach visiting new places listening to music.. 163 dts ma height, twisted hair is maam an african lady out going person who loves other pples cultures and respect them i love music beaches and computers and many more other things u can ask me am 5 ft 2 inches both morden and casualwear love care and I'm reserved in public but different in private. I’d found myself stood in the middle of a town nestled in an African rain forest.Behind me was a table littered with condoms and wooden ornaments, carved into varying shapes of penis.You’re sold off age twenty to a man who could already have a wife or two.

My colleagues were perplexed at the thought of single Englishmen going without sex.After being offered to become my colleague’s third wife I began chatting to my colleague about the formalities of marriage and married life in Uganda.First point; being a woman out here isn't great.' What do they do if they are not with a woman? Ugandan men match up to their English counterparts in one crucial way; complete inability to talk to women.On a night out they will happily get hands on the second they see you, but any form of communication is always directed through the nearest male to you, with any attempts of direct communication met with looks of pure terror.If you lived in an agricultural area your family could get 50 cows, many goats and a mattress for you.’A whole mattress? Of course the mattress forms part of the couple’s wedding night.


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