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Who needs weird extended family when you’ve got friends like these guys? The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air – Deck the Halls For his first Christmas in Bel-Air, Will wants to make himself feel a little more at home and give his cousin Ashley a taste of real Christmas, so he decorates the Banks home in flashy, non-Home Owners Association approved decorations.

Naturally, the whole neighborhood (which includes Evander Holyfield) comes out in protest.

When they all get together, he teaches them how to enjoy the holiday, proving that even those who don’t have family this time of year can have a wonderful Christmas when they share it with others. Veronica Mars – An Echolls Family Christmas Not all Christmas episodes are merry and bright, and this classic episode of Veronica Mars is one of those.

Veronica was solving the mystery of the missing poker game money for her classmates while her father was trying to protect a celebrity father from a stalker. Mars fails, and as carolers sing in showers of fake snow in the warm San Diego weather, Aaron Echolls is stabbed by a former lover as everyone looks on in horror.

He tries it with his own father, who’s upset over Frasier vetoing his kitschy Christmas decorations, and they fail miserably.

They’re left crying and realizing their squabbles are better buried, which is an oddly adorable, totally unhealthy, and heartwarming little Christmas miracle. Ren and Stimpy – Son of Stimpy To some, this episode is known as the one that got Ren and Stimpy canceled, thanks to its dark and brutal look at love and family.

Lily banishes him from Christmas and he ends up with his crazy relatives in Staten Island until Lily and the gang show up to rescue him.Of course, the result is a merry Christmas for all – especially Andy. Taxi – A Full House For Christmas Ah, the rare revenge tale on Christmas.In this episode, Louie’s brother Nicky visits their mother for the first time in seven years and to make up to his mother, Louie tries to get his brother to take Ma back to Las Vegas with him so she can thaw out a little from the New York winter.At the same time, Dan bonds with Becky’s husband as they work together to put up the gaudiest, cheesiest, “white trashiest” Christmas decorations they can muster in protest to the neighborhood’s new “white twinkle lights only” rule. The Flintstones – Christmas Flintstone Christmas needs just a few elements to feel homey: Santa, reindeer, and togetherness. How I Met Your Mother – How Lily Stole Christmas This take on the classic story also turns the push and pull of Marshall and Lily’s romance on its head.This Flintstones episode offers all of these things, except that Fred is Santa (filling in for the Big Guy when he comes down with a cold), the reindeer are rein-dinos, and Fred almost misses his own Christmas when he spends all night sprinkling every city in the world with Christmas presents. As Lily is prepping the apartment for her first Christmas since her reunion with Marshall (after she ran away to San Francisco and broke his heart), she hears an old message from Ted in which he calls her a Grinch.In the end, it’s Fry’s generosity (a 500 dollar exotic bird he bought for Leela) that saves them from the murderous Clause.


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