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In few cases organizations and criminal gangs could differentiate the channels used for communication purposes, and can also anonymize the execution of specific applications that offer various types of services if they desire.

Inside an I2P network the “hidden” component is in fact represented by doing an application execution on the node, and of course the path followed by the information to reach the destination, an application could provide example information extracted from a DB for the users.

In the Deep Web it is relatively easy to find sites that sell every kind of product.

The principal items sold in the underground are drugs and weapons, a multitude of websites proposes any kind of drugs accepting various currencies for payments, from bitcoins to Pay Pal, considering the Liberty Reserve is unusable due the FBI shut down.

As we said the Tor URLs analyzed are using Latin Script, the most popular language is English, that scores virtually the totality of web sites, a very small portion of sites are written in Spanish and German.

Principal differences are related to the number of online URL we have found, the website we analyzed appears more stable, e-commerce websites we found propose mainly drugs and weapons, and none of these appear legal.

First of all, the composition of the sample analyzed as we have already discussed and the level of “stability” of each Tor site, has the possibility to utilize a tool to discover FTP links, I2P and email addresses.

This type of information could be used as a starting point for further investigation and I’ll try to explain how to use it.

We have worked mainly in two directions: the first one related to a massive analysis of a meaningful number of Tor URLs and hidden services and their evolution at the time, and in a second breach we explored the possibility to track users within Tor networks.

We repeated the measure again this month, after the shutdown of Liberty Reserve, and we observed an increase of 20 percent caused by the accumulating number of Tor websites that accepted bitcoins as method of payment.

The crawling of Tor URLs is a precious source for a series of evaluations.

For each site we collected a huge quantity of information related to its content, and also to the connection parameters during the analysis.

The acquisition of all this information made possible the creation of the first embryo of dashboard that can be used for various types of analysis.


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