Dennis approach to dating

Now in its 10th season, "It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia" is at a point where its episodes can be boiled down to formulas.Wednesday night’s “The Gang Group Dates” was no exception to this rule. That meant you could expect a few things: There would be plenty of overt sexual references.Because Dennis is such an outlandish character that it kind of makes sense.Which, in effect, is exactly the delusional story the character wants us to think.

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Their scheme lands them back at the bar, doing all of Charlie’s horrible chores, but at least it was entertaining to watch!

But Philly singles beware: When “The Gang Group Dates,” all the ugliness of online dating is streamlined into a bad star rating.

For the sake of this review, Dennis would be happy to know he’s getting his best star rating of the evening.

It’s an episode that reaffirms that this show will not reaffirm your hope in humanity.

Most of all, it’s an episode where Howerton gets to yell and scream and pout and do whatever he wants.


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