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So, it wasn’t until 2006 that van Buren turned in a final manuscript for editing. Editing this work was a large project in its own right, as van Buren’s arthritis had led to many typing errors.

Wieck edited the introduction and all the commentary on the images, making sure the descriptions were crystal clear.

But the work on her magnum opus continued, and in May of 2011, nearly thirty years after the project began, is published, it’s clear that van Buren’s years of hard work have paid off in a way that is nothing short of extraordinary.

” and “The Function of Dress in Art.” Then, unexpectedly, in the fall she passed away.By meticulously observing the tiniest details, van Buren decoded each image, discovering the subtle shifts in fashion from year to year and how small nuances can express character and themes.was also the name of the exhibit that opened in the summer of 2011 at the Morgan Library & Museum.The project focused on a tiny niche of the historical spectrum, but van Buren’s meticulous work had the potential to clarify a period that is quite muddy, creating a precise timeline to guide scholars in several disciplines.From this apparently modest seed her project grew like Jack’s beanstalk, resulting in a book, an exhibition, a prestigious lecture series, and an enormous contribution to fashion history and art history. Her early interests were far from the obscure reaches of medieval art history.Curated by Wieck, the exhibit showed the same attention to detail and passion for the subject as the book did.


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