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It is clear that these kids are imprisoned in more ways than one.Antonio, one of Jarad’s inmates, is blindsided by the news that he will be a free man.

Cole shines again with a catchy trumpet line to open Perfect Time, another love song that centers around the ups and downs of life.

“When we all got together to record in New Orleans, it was damn exciting,” says drummer Josh Collazo. As we always have.” The album – the band’s first without vocalist Jade Castrinos and accordion player Nora Kirkpatrick – features 10 tracks, featuring such powerful musical masterpieces as Wake Up The Sun, No Love Like Yours, Hot Coals and Perfect Time. ” The song is the most risk-taking song on the album – both honest and courageous. And we see regeneration, the genesis of our love and the wild dance of DNA, a crazy, insane miracle that laughs and cries and dances and sings and bounces off the walls. It is eschewal of chaos and war and hunger and politics and greed for just a billionth of nanosecond, to sing to sleep the little tabula rasa that knows not of the evils in the world. The world spins round.” During the first three weeks of writing the album in Ebert’s studio, the band amassed more than 40 songs.

“After many years of being a band and everything that comes with it, I feel like we were ready for a rebirth. Lyrically, the album focuses on such issues as freedom, family, religion, politics and of course love. It is a reflection on what it means to be human, what it means to be a child, what it means to be innocent, naked and careless. To really bring out the best in the band, Ebert knew he needed to take a more collaborative approach, giving each band member the liberty to contribute their ideas and provide input during the creative process, both lyrically and musically.

Moreover, by the time Denim and Nikki finally do confront their more-than-friends emotions for each other, the film is practically over — a situation that undercuts any attempt to seriously investigate their romantic confusion.

At every turn, Smith and cinematographers Alexander Sablow and Benjamin Verhulst’s visuals are flat and lifeless, and exacerbate the torpor that quickly consumes “Never.” As with Smith’s fluid-sexuality story and his leads’ acting-with-an-A performances, those aesthetics give the material a distinctly ’90s texture — and, in the process, reconfirm that youthful, low-budget amateurishness never goes out of style.


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