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Regardless of who the perceived attacker or surveillance operative may be, and whether it is the NSA or not, large-scale, mass surveillance is a growing cyber security threat.

It has also been disclosed that the NSA and GCHQ have actively worked to make internet and technology users around the world less secure.

Simple ciphers have been used to secure communications since the days of the Egyptian Old Kingdom, when a particularly devoted scribe took to fancying up the tomb of Khnumhotep II with cryptic funeral prose.

The export ban on encryption imposed arbitrary boundaries on a network that is borderless by definition.¶ Enter the cypherpunks: a ragtag, homebrew crew of anti-authoritarian hackers hell-bent on subverting spooks and protecting privacy on the ‘Net.

These luminaries developed the tools and rhetoric to make bad laws irrelevant by making them unenforceable. Attorney's Office decided not to prosecute Zimmerman for sharing the encryption protocol.

1AC Cyber Adv Backdoors create unique vulnerabilities – intentionally weakened encryption cause the majority of malicious attacks Castillo 6/16 Andrea Castillo, program manager for the Technology Policy Program at the Mercatus Center, “Giving Government 'Backdoor' Access to Encrypted Data Threatens Personal Privacy and National Security”, The War on Terror provides plenty of rhetorical ammunition to these anti-encryption officials, who seem to believe that purposefully sabotaging our strongest defenses against "cyberterrorists" is an effective way to promote national security.

But they are dangerously wrong, as recent revelations of decades-old security vulnerabilities imposed by encryption restrictions make all too clear.¶ Encryption allows people to securely send data that can only be accessed by verified parties.


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