Validating cable test jig

With the continued innovation of an improvement of Io T technology, wireless device providers have also developed various applications such as Wi-Fi smart controllers, Bluetooth devices, 3G,4G and GPS devices.Allion has developed various testing solutions for clients to validate the performance, interoperability and to obtain logo certification of wireless devices to satisfy user environment or work place requirements.Tests are carried out using a PCbased automatic cable tester which verifies all wires to ensure we detect incorrect wiring or short circuits.The system works based on the principle of Ohmic resistance.You can browse the SAE site for the topic "wiring".

When using a test jig the harness can be confirmed to have the correct terminals and that no cross-wiring has been done, also that the terminals have been attached so as to allow proper conductivity.

If required, we can supply a test certificate for each cable tested and include it with the delivery.

Using our cable analyser we not only test copper cables, but also optical fibres where the purity of the fibre ends and the attenuation of optical fibres is documented.

I found the section on wiring harnesses on page 11.

The IHS Standards Store is one source for these standards.


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