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We decided to do another one because we hadn’t done a full 30 days since last summer.

If you remember, I also did a “Whole 15” back in November which… We are doing it from February 21st – March 22nd, so we are currently on Day 11.

From freshening up your kitchen to upgrading your light fixtures, you can make your home look like it just came out of a design magazine without clearing out your bank account.

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I’m busy putting up my Halloween decorations this week, and I decided to create this graphic skull wall in our living room. I never intended to stop updating my blog, but time got away from me , and I felt the natural pull to post most of my thoughts and photos… I have wanted to do one of these crawls for a couple years now, and I was so excited that it worked out, because what can be better than a whole day… I have a few photos to share today, and I’ll tell you all about them down below. You might notice something different about me…hair is LONG. I just received this new “Colorado” sweatshirt from Mountain Moon Tees, and I LOVE it. Mountain Moon Tees is owned by two Colorado ladies, Hallie and Emily, and I not only love supporting small businesses, but, especially… My newest nephew, Oliver Nils was born on March 2nd and I was incredibly lucky to be in the room when he arrived.

Add texture and a rustic cabin vibe to a room in only an hour with this easy wood pallet accent wall DIY.

Add value and architectural interest to your home by installing crown molding.

You can make your own living room furniture like a plant stand, coffee table, storage bench coffee table and more by upgrading yard sale finds or pieces you already have.

The outdoor area of a house is an often overlooked spot that can really take a home from ordinary to extraordinary.


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