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Nita saw me first and ran up and threw her arms around me "How nice to see you again, I've missed you." I said I wasn't sure if you wanted to see me again after what happened the other night.

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" ."Ah my favourite slut you have returned, looking for more action?

"Oh I'm sorry I didn't see you there and yes I would like some more action." "Good I have some friends coming over Saturday evening, are you available then?

" I told him I was, Ali said I should arrive at the shop at 8pm and to wear the same outfit I had worn last time, his friends were eager to meet me and In keeping with my new status as his slut, there would be no rules, his friends could do as they liked with me, without exception!

"Five of my friends are waiting for you, you must do anything they want you to, do you understand?

" "Yes of course, anything." Truth was I couldn't wait to get started, I was very nervous but excited at the same time, my pussy was extremely wet and ready for all those big cocks I knew were waiting for me.


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