Brandon buddy dating anyone

Beaming broadly, the 25-year-old Grammy winner laughed with his pals as he enjoyed some fresh air on the outing.

When he realized she was pregnant, he was able to help her decide to not have an abortion.

A girl named Brittany was jealous and had someone slip Cole drugs at a party. It was then realized that Cole's mother, Marty Saybrooke, was the woman whom Starr's father, Todd Manning, had raped in college.

Even after realizing this, and after Starr's father (who would later be revealed to actually not be Todd, but his twin brother Victor) forbade them from seeing each other, they couldn't stay away from each other and continued dating.

The stars have also been liking each other’s social media posts with the singer posting an 'x' in comments underneath a social media posting by Brandon last month in which he voiced support for the LGBTQ community.

Sam was most recently linked to model Jay Camilleri in 2016 after a brief relationship with model Jonathan Zeizel in 2014.


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