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It is the only city that has it all; beaches, mountains, lakes, diversity, and opportunity.The World Cup and the Olympics have launched a massive flow of investment into the country which will only improve the viability and attractiveness for foreigners.Many entrepreneurs have started looking for the best countries to invest in South America.From the world renowned beaches of Brazil to the newly emerged city of eternal spring, South America holds splendors that are left to be explored.Here are the best places to live in South America: The small country nestled in northeastern South America will impress you as much as any other country.The diversity of religions and people is so vast one would have though it impossible in a place like Suriname.Taking surveys of locals of how happy they are is faulty as well.

The country has an abundance of culture and the people are some of the nicest that one will find on the continent.

There is also limited connectivity to its neighbors and it possesses a currency that is not readily convertible.

Living in Peru is the best bet for those that are budget conscious.

Most of these expert reports are written by authors that have never visited most of the locations listed.

By calculating numbers and looking at other reports it is automatically decided where the best places to live in the world are.


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