Updating openoffice ubuntu

Apache Open Office for those who may not know, is the leading open-source office software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more.Open Office supports localized versions in more than 120 languages; those that are 100% translated and maintained are officially released.This article is focused on how to install Apache Open Office 4.1.3 which is the most stable released version, on the various Linux distribtuions such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint, etc.This release is a maintenance release incorporating important bug fixes, security fixes, updated dictionaries, as well as build fixes.

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So you want to upgrade your Open to the latest (Version 2.4 as of this writing) for Ubuntu?If you are running Libre Office or Older version of Apache Open Office, We recommend removing that from the system.After extracting archive it will create an installation directory named en-US, and placed all the files there.The latest version available is Apache Open Office 4.1.1, which has been recently released, bringing a lot of bug-fixes to the previous Open Office versions.For a full list of changes, see the official changelog.Don’t worry, I will also show you how to revert the changes you made to your computer after installing Open Office.


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