Onspeeddating reviews

The actual results have been mixed some limited success and a lot of rejection.

The girls definitely seem genuine, which is a big plus, Im just not really getting anywhere with most of them.

The rest of the time im in Stockport and can actually go weeks on this site without a single reply from outside London, not a word of a lie.

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In short, this site is worth a try if you keep an open mind. I know a few people who have found love on Speed Date but it has not happened for me im afraid. I dated someone I met on that site a couple ov years ago. Maybe I'm just lucky cos speeddate has also turned out to be a pretty great choice also, though maybe not quite to the same standard but still a nice option and its always busy no matter where you run your searches from. The site seems to be ok but IMO nothing compares to Mingle2day or Chemistry.

a very high turnover rate - at least of attractive women- today they are online- in two days- no longer available- lotsa pretty pictures- of a woman whose profile states she is 51- who looks not a day older than 35 - and I recognized a few porn-star pics on here as well- but maybe u cannot really fault Speed-date for that ?? It is easy to see the few authentic postings- and the pics they post- sure do explain why they are still on here- and will always be I had someone email me and another one wink at me. Also went to and when I signed in, it wanted me to pay money to verify that it was me. I've switched over to We Just now and that is looking more promising already. At the end of the day you cant go wrong with either of these sites, id say don't risk using something you've not heard anything about and stick with these types to be sure to get the most out of the whole online dating thing whether you just dip in every few months like me or you run your membership constant. I hoined and felt comfortable using it but I am missing some functions which other sites offer.

I hoined and felt comfortable using it but I am missing some functions which other sites offer.

Another issue is that many profiles seem to be inactive.


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