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The surgeon knew all too well what the bottle was made up of, and that the children derived assistance from its contents. The Irish House of Commons adopted the recommendations of the Committee to reform the government of the Foundling Hospital.The new Corporation of Governors came into office in 1798, under a special Act of Parliament, and the Foundling Hospital was "reformed." However, things appeared to improve little.This body, which met monthly, had powers to place people in the workhouse, and to discipline those already there if they disobeyed workhouse regulations.Punishments could include flogging, imprisonment or deportation.It was intended to accommodate up to 2000 inmates as follows: The new workhouse accommodation was formally declared fit for the reception of paupers on 25th March, 1840, with the first admissions taking place on April 24th.The layout of the site soon after its conversion is shown on the 1849 map below: The workhouse hospital facilities gradually expanded at the south of the site as shown on the 1907 map below. In 1895, the workhouse was visited by a "commission" from the British Medical Journal investigating conditions in Irish workhouse infirmaries.

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In the March quarter of 1795, of the 540 children received into the Foundling Hospital, no less a number than 440 died.

At one of its gates, there was a basket fixed to a revolving door.

Someone wishing to leave a child anonymously could place it there, ring the porter's bell, and then depart.

Dublin: South City (18), Clondalkin (2), Donnybrook (2), Palmerstown (2), Rathfarnham (2), Rathmines (2), Tallaght (3), Whitechurch (2).

The Board also included 11 ex-officio Guardians, making a total of 44.


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